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Helpful Spiritual Formation Links

Following certain links on this and other Institute pages will sometimes take a reader outside of the Austin Hall Catholic Studies Institute domain. The Institute provides such links because the site contains supplemental information on spiritual formation to that provided on the Institute page from which it is linked, or such a link provides relevant source materials that aren’t otherwise available.
Although the Catholic Studies Institute takes what it believes are reasonable steps to ensure that the materials within its domain are faithful to the Church’s magisterium, it has no ability to ensure the same on externally linked pages or their parent sites. This is particularly true since contents of an externally linked page or its parent site may change from time to time without notice to the Institute.
Readers are therefore cautioned that certain portions within externally linked pages or their parent sites may be inaccurate, or they simply may not faithfully represent the teaching of the Catholic magisterium in whole or in part. In such situations, the Institute will immediately delete a link that is not consistent with the Church’s teaching upon notification of the pages that are in error. Readers may notify the Institute of concerns by email at



Institute Policy on External Links