Adult Formation Classes

"Every Christian has renounced the world and its pomps at baptism. The vow does not oblige you to live like a hermit, but it certainly obliges you to something. It is not an empty promise."--St. Claude de la Colombière
Many sincere Catholics want to grow in holiness but have not received the formation necessary to advance in faith. Many simply do not know where to start. The Catholic Studies Institute essentially takes up where a good or a bad RCIA program leaves off, and aims to build upon the basics, or counter the inaccuracies, in lay formation so that one may enjoy a deeper relationship with God. 
As Catholics, we are called to deepen our faith, believe in the Gospel message and go forth to proclaim the Gospel. The call to understand our faith and to seek holiness is particularly urgent today, considering how constant and subversive are the assaults from the world, the flesh and the devil. But, good intentions are not enough. Commitment to a regular program of spiritual formation is imperative to ensure that we can achieve the fulfillment of all our desires--union with Christ. That is the reason for the establishment of the Catholic Studies Institute program of adult spiritual formation.
  • Gospel-Centered Catholicism (The need for explicit faith and radical fidelity to Jesus Christ)
  • Les Orandi, Lex Credendi (How we worship reflects what we believe and how we live)
  • Catholicism 101 (What it means to believe, think and live like a Catholic) 
  • Growth through the Sacraments (The nature of Sacramental Grace, the necessary dispositions for fruitful reception of the Sacraments, and the dispositions for the Sacrament of Penance)
  • A Catholic Approach to Bible Study  (The importance of Bible study for Catholics and the means to interpreting the Bible)
  • The Traditional Catholic Doctrine of Creation (What the Church teaches about origins)
  • Developing and Living a Rule of Life (Developing and living a plan designed to aid in making one's way to Heaven)
  • The Four Last Things (Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell)


The Institute offers regular classes in a variety of subjects that are designed to help with adult spiritual formation. Examples of subjects and /or classes that are offered include: